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Is the VHM© a method of arbitrage?

No, but in the section where I show you 5 recent days of my betting, I show you several cases of arbitrage that an astute bettor may well take.

Do you bet with the Bookies or the exchanges?

Usually both. Do I need to be a Professor of Mathematics to understand the VHM©?

Not at all! In fact I would go so far as to say that if you do not understand the simple maths that is in the book you should not be betting in the first place. However, make sure you have a good understanding of decimal odds and probability before purchasing the book.

How many value horses does the VHM© find in an average week?

VHM Odds Board Image 1It varies depending largely on the number of meetings in a day. In the last 3 years I have found over 2000 per year, but I only look at certain races and bet when I can guarantee a good return. I would imagine that there would be over 4000 per year but finding them all is too much hard work for me. I don’t like to work more than 90 minutes per day. You could use the VHM© to seriously reduce your bets to less than 200 per year if you wanted to guarantee a very high return on investment. In the book, in the depths of winter, with few meetings on offer, I show you 20 bets that I made in a 5 day period.


What is The Value Horse Method Calculator© (VHMC©)

It is an MS Excel based calculator that can be used to find the value bets. It is particularly useful in the first few weeks of using The VHM© but after a short period of time you will be able to find the value bets very quickly without its help. It is exclusively available to all those who purchase the ebook.

How do I bet using the VHM©?

You can bet at level stakes or as a percentage of your bank or whatever you choose. It goes without saying if you are a bettor with experience, but to those that don’t know, you ALWAYS keep your betting bank separate from your household money. The VHM© does not involve any bizarre staking plans to recoup losses. It does show you races where betting on a value horse represents low risk and high reward as the odds available on the horse do not accurately reflect its probability of winning you money. It is described as a “method” rather than a “system” because it allows you to make the decisions rather than follow a rigid set of rules.

Do I need to understand horse racing to use the VHM©?

I didn’t when I first started using it over 3 years ago! I now understand and enjoy the sport, not least because it provides me with a comfortable living, I suspect!

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