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After purchasing The Value Horse Method© (VHM©) you will say goodbye to gambling and hello to investment.

I am a gambler and in an average week I will bank over £1500. I bet on the horse races that you will tend to avoid. When I am asked what I do for a living I say that I am an Investor. I don’t see what I do for a living as gambling at all. I will only ever “work” on finding value horses for a maximum of 90 minutes per day. Back in 2001 I made a discovery that changed the way I bet for ever. Before this I used to look at the races I now bet on and think to myself “Well that is a race that I will definitely avoid!”

The VHM© is a low risk, high reward method of betting on value horses.

The book VHM© outlines the Value Horse Method© that I have been using for over 3 years. It is the best thing to have hit the world of betting on horses since the revolutionary post-war speed analysis. It is a work of genius. The VHM© is a low risk, high reward method of betting on horses that represent exceptional value. It does not involve any bizarre staking plan to recover losses. It shows you how to look through a series of race cards and instantly find the value horses.

To make a living from gambling you need to find value.

VHM Odds Board Image 2If you are new to the concept of “value betting” I would recommend that you make yourself familiar with it. Unless you get incredibly lucky, it is only possible to make a living from gambling by consistently betting on events where the odds are in your favour. The VHM© shows you how to find the value horses in a matter of minutes. In your early weeks of using the VHM© you may need to use The Value Horse Method Calculator© (VHMC©) which purchasers of the book have access to. This shows you exactly how much value a particular horse has.

You don’t need to be a horse racing expert to use the VHM©.

In the book I show you how to find the value horses, the rationale behind the VHM© and five days of my recent betting using the VHM©. I also show you how to make a lot of money using the VHM© as a low or no risk method of betting. Little if any knowledge of horse racing is required. The VHM© uses simple mathematics and probability to find the value horses.

I will continue to make a living by using the VHM©.

After you have read the book you will be able to answer the sceptics who ask “If this method is so good then why on earth is he selling it?” Quite simple! My profits will not be affected by selling the book! Let there be no doubt that if I thought my betting profits were to be affected I would never dream of selling this method. The VHM© is a work of genius...You should invest in it!

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