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Are you serious about making money from betting?

If you are, then you have definitely come to the right place! If you want to join the group of bettors who regularly make money from betting then read on........

For a limited time and EXCLUSIVE to, you can purchase three highly recommended and professional betting systems for less than the price of one!

That's right, three of the greatest and most profitable betting books ever written are here for you in a package deal at a hugely discounted price.

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£97.00 GBP

The Betting Package Deal:

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Purchase the Package Deal Here Today

The VHM, BetSynergy, VSS Package Deal is available for you to download immediately for the 'one off' payment of £97.00.

You will receive :-

  • One copy of the Value Horse Method e-book (pdf) and Calculator (Excel)
  • One copy of the BetSynergy e-book (pdf)
  • One copy of the Value Soccer System e-book (pdf) and Calculator (Excel)
  • Passwords and Access codes for e-books and Calculators.
  • Receipt / Confirmation of Order via Email

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Buy Now

£97.00 GBP

All orders are processed securely with the PayPal service. Once your payment has been completed, you will receive details of how to download your personal copy of the Betting Package Deal and an e-mail confirming your purchase. Our support team will also be available to answer any questions that you may have via our contact us page.

Please note that your copy of the Betting Package Deal (Including all included e-books and calculators) are for your personal use only and they will be protected by passwords that you will receive as part of the purchase. These are your unique codes and you should not share them or the products with anybody else. We have mechanisms in place to trace illegal copies of our products.




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