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Let me tell you what the worst punter looks like. He is a macho dreaming loser. He is macho because he has a fantastic testosterone-laden betting system that he alone uses to make himself lots of money and he won’t tell you what it is. This makes him feel very important. He is a black belt in punting on sports events for sure! He is a dreamer because he knows that this is really not the case, but he has thought endlessly what he would do if he were to scoop the 500k Scoop6 one Saturday. He is a loser because that is what he is! He loses money by betting on sports events, sad but true. He won’t admit to losing because that’s not cool but he will wax lyrical about picking the winner of the Grand National back in the mid 80’s. He does not keep records of his betting activity and may even fool himself that he makes money. Unfortunately, he represents 95% of the betting public.

BetSynergy Horse Racing ImageThe other 5% of the betting public that make money from betting quietly go about their business. They use many different systems, methods and knowledge or, best of all, genuine insider information, available to only a tiny fraction of those in the business, to make money from betting.

I have only ever once received some genuine insider information on one horse race so I am not that sort of bettor. I don’t use my knowledge of horse racing that is only marginally greater than my knowledge of 1950’s knitting patterns. I use my knowledge of statistics and economics to make money from horse racing. In this respect, and like a lot of modern day professional bettors, I operate in much the same way as a successful day trader on the shares markets.

Throw away your perception of the person who bets on horses or other sporting events as someone who waddles down to the bookies at 4pm after a skin full in the local. This is not me, nor is it an increasing number of individuals who realise that they can dismiss the nonsensical betting of yesteryear and now they can make a considerable income from betting. Many of these new bettors do not fit the stereotypical image of yesterday’s bettor as they have academic backgrounds or experience in the field of stocks and shares. They use their knowledge, which is not “insider information”, and apply it to make money by betting on sports events. The teams, the horses, the drivers are nothing but numbers to them. Where the numbers say bet, they do, because they know that if they do it over and over again they will win money. Just like the force, the probability is with them! They may have a losing day or a dodgy week, as probability dictates, but they will get up the next day and the next and do the same again and again because they know that in the long run they will be winners!

Bet Synergy Odds Board ImageAt this stage it is worth finding something else to read if you are the sort of person who has had palpitations over your 4th horse getting a place in your 10p each way lucky 15. Take my word for it, you are not made of the right stuff and you would do better finding something else to occupy your time. If you bet for “fun” then carry on, good luck to you. What fun you get from losing money is a bit of a mystery to me but carry on just the same if that is what you want.

For the rest of you still reading then let me tell you that it is possible to win lots of money by betting on sports events. That is a bold statement I know but I do know from personal experience and from the experience of many others I have become acquainted with in the sports betting world, that it does not need to be a pipe dream if you acquire the right knowledge from those that know! Quite simply you need to become bet clever. You need to be educated in the field of betting. Being French does not give you an automatic knowledge of every great wine. Being a horse racing enthusiast does not give you the knowledge of how to become a successful bettor. They do not go hand in hand. They are separate disciplines. You need to acquire the knowledge to become a successful bettor. You can do this by spending years in the fields of statistics, economics, financial trading and sports betting market watching or you can shortcut this by purchasing information from those, like me, who know what they are doing. Of course, finding out who knows what they are talking about and who is a con-artist is a discipline in its own right.

You can spend weeks and months ploughing through the multitude of Internet sites that offer the punter a quick and easy road to riches. For some inexplicable reason many are caught up in the desire to escape a life of 9 to 5 drudgery and become professional gamblers overnight. Pipe dreams can be nice and a diversion from everyday life but most of these dreamers need to take a big reality check. If they think that leaving a job that they hate or adding to their income by betting on sports events is as easy as getting out of bed in the morning then they are living in a dream world.

Bet Synergy Racing Grandstand ImageBET SYNERGY is a betting method that I have been using for 5 years. It quite simply shows you the horses that you should be concentrating on in any race, not because your friend down the local said that the trainer is in form, but because simple economics and statistics dictate that the horse has a good chance of making you money in the long-term. Your personality will be the determining factor in how you structure the bet. Do you want a full risk, maximum reward bet or a limited risk, limited reward bet? Essentially, BET SYNERGY highlights those horses that have an excellent chance of shortening in price and for those bettors that know that the number 9 is bigger than the number 8 then you should make a success of your future betting.

BET SYNERGY shows you how to see a horse race in the way that the modern day professional bettor sees it. It shows you where to focus your attention. It does not guarantee a massive win on the next race or a life on a yacht off the coast of The Seychelles. Unlike some ingenious systems that have actually worked in the past it does offer long-term profitability because it is dependent upon the betting markets rather than exploiting a short-term weakness in them.

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