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Save yourself some time! Don’t email me to ask me how good Jack Pedder’s Bet Synergy is. IT IS FANTASTIC! The Bet Synergy betting method uses 3 simple economic principles to find the great bets. It is incredibly simple, like most great ideas, but it is an incredibly powerful betting technique.

It took me less than 10 minutes to explain the method to my nine year old son! The method can be used on any day and at any race track. I have followed it assiduously for the past 3 months, had over 1000 bets and made over £12,000 at over 20% return on investment. The book comes with my highest recommendation.
Neil Smith ValueHorseMethod

I have been meaning to contact you for 5 months now to thank you for pointing me in the direction of this superb book. I have made an average of £1750 every month since purchasing it so it’s the best £87 I have ever spent. Thank you very much!
Thomas J, Hertfordshire

I use all the principles in the book to find my value bets but I have to admit to using it only at lunch time. I get an hour for lunch and in that time I quickly have a look at the markets and pick the horses that meet the book’s criteria. I then put on my bets and wait until I get home to see how well I have done. In the 16 weeks since I bought the book I haven’t had one losing week! I am seriously thinking of packing the day job in or just going part-time. I am making more by doing this than I am at work.
Pete F, West Yorkshire

Even though this book is hidden away in the corner of a little website I have no hesitation in saying to you that this must be the best betting book ever written. I spent 3 years trying to find an edge in betting. This book has been my saviour and it’s so easy to understand. I use the very cautious approach from the book and in 3 months of using it I have been able to pay for a big family holiday. Thank you.
Clare B, Cumbria

I am a pensioner and I have been betting for years but not until I found this book did I truly realise that I could consistently win money from betting on horses. I cannot thank you enough. I do it mainly as a hobby but my initial £2 stakes have now gone up to £25 stakes as I have steadily but surely seen my bank grow. Thanks a million.
George J, Glasgow


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