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"Gambling Investor or Mug Punter?"


Are you a 'mug punter' or an investor in the gambling industry? An important question to ask yourself right now. The below may help you focus on a successful future within the gambling industry.

Mug Punters

Too many gamblers spend hours each day 'punting' on events with little or no thought about why they have selected to back a particular outcome. They are often trying to recover the losses from an earlier bet and have entered 'panic mode'. They usually have no sensible staking plan in operation and use random stakes depending upon how good a feeling they have about a particular outcome. They are very often wrong!

Their selections are made on weak criteria like 'gut feeling' or by picking the next low priced favourite which is 'surely going to win'. Sadly, these types of gamblers usually end up lining the bookmakers pockets with loads of cash and often end up in financial ruin with an empty betting bank!

Gambling Investor

The majority of successful gamblers are also investors. They only 'invest' in selections that offer true value and when combined with a good staking plan will give a healthy return over time. They may only place 1 or 2 bets per day. On some days, there may not be a suitable value bet to place and on such days, successful gambling investors will NOT be tempted into placing bets.

A very key point is that most successful gamblers make their profits over time and only the lucky few strike it rich overnight. Investors in gambling don't worry about the size of their betting banks at the end of each day, week or even month. They know that they are investing over a longer term like 3, 6 or more commonly 12 months. They don't worry if by month 2 their betting bank is lower than when they started out as their sensible selection process and staking plan will see them in good profit long term.


We strongly recommend that all gamblers ensure that they are in full control of their betting bank and adopt a safe, reliable and flexible staking plan. A good staking plan can make the difference between good profits and terrible loses. Very Important: Only ever gamble with money you can afford to lose!

It is not advisable to 'break the rules' of your staking plan at any time, even if you have what you believe is a 'sure bet', as it is there to protect your money and ensure you are in control. So often gamblers fail to make regular profits simply because they are adjusting their stakes randomly and sods law says that when you are putting down larger amounts than your staking plan recommends, the selection(s) will lose !

Whether you have your own system for picking selections or use a tipping service, using a safe and reliable staking plan is key to your success. Once again, we strongly recommend that your betting bank is only made up of money you can afford to lose



Stop 'Mug Punting'

Will it make me rich?

Be under no illusions that making money from horse racing and gambling is not easy. Phil Bull who has been acknowledged as one of the most successful punters of all time in the UK and was the creator of TimeForm, achieved 20% profit on turnover in his very best years but on average his return was 7.5%. Yet in thirty one years he accumulated a profit of over £4.5 million in today's term.

The points to note are that Phil did this with sensible betting at realistic odds (not at mug punting odds) over a long time frame. Learn from above.....

The following myths are constantly pumped into the market to persuade the punter into lining the bookies pockets. The sad thing is these poor souls repeat the same rubbish to fellow punters as if they are leading experts on the subject. However, their bank balances say otherwise.

Myth #1 "Anyone can pick a favourite".

Fact: Almost 70% of favourites LOSE. If it is so easy why isn't everyone doing it?

Myth #2 "Never bet evens and definitely not odds on".

Fact: Probably the most stupid statement made by "mug punting professionals". Over 60% of winners are a low price or odds on.

Myth #3 "If a system can't work on level stakes it's no good and won't work"

Fact: Rubbish!! The bookies want to keep taking money from you. The last thing they want is for you to accelerate winnings on winning runs and decrease your stakes on losing runs.

All these myths are perpetuated constantly in the market and keep the bookies well and truly in profit. Ask yourself honestly, have you been a victim of the above statement? Is this the reason you've been losing money all these years?



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