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Horse Racing Affiliates - Programs and Information

Please find below some highly recommended horse racing sites that are offering good quality and generous affiliate options.

We all know that to make good money from our web sites, we need to promote other related 3rd party products as well as our own. It's widely accepted that only around 1% of visitors (if you are lucky) will purchase your own product. The smart web site owners are making big money from the other 99% of visitors by offering them the chance to view and purchase from other related sites.

BUT, you don't want to get stung by 'cowboys' who run poor affil schemes with little or no tracking of leads and low commission payments. Therefore I have put together a list of the horseracing affiliates I have joined and can highly recommend. Most offer very long-term tracking for up to 10 years and usually a high quality affiliate resource page can be accessed to view statistics, produce reports, download affiliate links/banners and track sales. Commission percentages vary, but in all cases I'm sure you will agree they are very nice indeed.

Our advice, turn your site into a profit making monster and start to promote the excellent services I recommend below.

ALL are FREE to join...
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Affiliate Product Name The Value Horse Method (VHM)
Multi Tier Commission? NO
1st Tier Commission % 40% (Approximately £39 GBP per sale)
2nd Tier Commission % N/A
Online Tracking Resource? YES - Advanced
Product Type Horse Racing Betting Method presented in the form of ebook.
Comments This product is truly superb and along with being one of my own personal favourites, is also one of the best for affiliate sales on my site. Multi-tier allowing you to gain commission from other site owners who join after clicking your link.


If you run a quality horse racing site that offers a comprehensive and generous affiliate scheme, please contact us with your affiliate program details so that we can consider adding your site to this page.

Professional Horseracing Affiliates and Programs

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