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Free Bet Bookmaker Review

Find below a selection of professional UK/ Irish Bookmakers which are well established and trustworthy. New customers are usually offered FREE BETS which you should snap up! All bookies listed here come with a recommendation from The Secret System and you should not have any problems when betting with these organisations.

IMPORTANT: If you are a non UK citizen, please check with each bookie to ensure you are allowed to bet with them from your Country/Location.

See bottom of page for key to review ratings

William Hill Review

Join Up Free Bet: 3.5 Star Rating Image
Site Quality / Speed: 4.5 Star Rating Image
Ease Of Use: 4.5 Star Rating Image
Competetive Odds: 5 Star Rating Image
Staking Limits: 4 Star Rating Image
Winnings Before Restricted: 2 Star Rating Image
OVERALL RATING: 4 Star Rating Image

Totesport Review
Join Up Free Bet: 3 Star Rating Image
Site Quality / Speed: 3.5 Star Rating Image
Ease Of Use: 3.5 Star Rating Image
Competetive Odds: 4.5 Star Rating Image
Staking Limits: 4.5 Star Rating Image
Winnings Before Restricted: 4 Star Rating Image
OVERALL RATING: 4 Star Rating Image
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Our Review Rating: Rating 5 Star Image


Key to Bookie Review Ratings
Rating Name Rating Description
Join Up Free Bet : How generous the free bookmaker join up bets are. Some only offer around £10 to £20 of free bets while others can offer up to £200 !
Site Quality / Speed : How professional in appearance the bookmakers site is and also the speed in which you are able to move around it and place bets.
Ease Of Use : Our rating of how simple the site is to use and including things like placing multiple bets, finding sports to bet on, managing your account and general navigation.
Competetive Odds : Some bookmakers offer better early prices than others for a variety of sports. This is our findings on how competetive 'on the whole' the bookmakers odds tend to be. Obviously, if you bet on the horses at SP, you can skip past this rating.
Staking Limits : Each bookie has a staking limit which is usually different depending upon the sport and the bet type you are trying to place. Some are better than others and allow larger stakes to be placed. We should point out that most bookies will restrict your stakes if you start to profit regularly from your betting activity.
Winnings Before Restricted : There is often a large difference betwen the bookies when it comes to the amount you can win before your account is restricted. Some of the smaller bookies only seem to allow around £1000 to £2000 profit before you are restricted whereas others allow £4000 to £10,000. Again the potential winnings allowed are different for each sport but if you perform well in one area, its likely this will be restricted but the same site will probably let you bet unrestricted on other sports (until you get too good at those as well).
Overall Rating : A final overall rating we give to the Bookmaker considering all the above and what we have found over the many years of using them.



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