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REVIEW - The Cherry Picker System | Horse Racing Betting Method

Product Title: Cherry Picker Horse System Website: Cherry Picker
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Reviewed By: Martin Bailey Guarantee?: No.
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Product Category: Horse Racing Selection System.


STOP PRESS: The CHERRY PICKER System Website has been closed down since I completed this review. If you are looking for an alternative quality method please visit my Horse Racing Betting Systems and Methods page or take a look at my Reviews of Horse Racing Systems.



The Cherry Picker System is a horse racing selection method brought to you by the team responsible for the well known and highly respected Football Cash Generator. It's another system of many that are available for picking horses to bet but where this differs to the majority is that it focuses on dutching up to 3 horses in certain races that have proven statistically to be profitable over a number of years.

In theory, this means that by following the system correctly, with a controlled staking plan you should always return a profit long term.

What Is The Cherry Picker Horse Racing Selection System?

The cherry picker system is essentially made up of 2 parts. The first of which is a comprehensive ebook over 50 pages in length that details the cherry picker selection system in full and contains a lot of background information along with examples of the system in use. The 2nd part is optional and is called the cherry picker assistant. This is a software tool that makes calculating the bets and stakes very easy. In my opinion its best to have both and at the time of this review the software is included free of charge anyway.

As the name suggests, the Cherry Picker Selection System picks out horses that meet a preset set of rules. These rules have been tested and honed by the producers over a number of years and therefore are statistically very significant. Although I cannot personally verify that the statistics and rules provided do produce the results that are mentioned by the producers, I can say that my initial findings are promising and i fully understand the logic they are using.

The Cherry Picker System is very easy to understand and I had grasped it in full after I had read the book a couple of times. It does not allow you to bet in every race as the strict selection rules prevent this. In my opinion this is a good thing and shows that the bet criteria has been well thought about and tried and tested before release.

What Resources Do You Need To Use The Cherry Picker?

In order to use The Cherry Picker, you simply need a PC with access to the internet so that you can access a small amount of information that is readily available for free. You can place your bets on betting exchanges like betfair or with traditional bookmakers. However, for this product I recommend that you stick to using a betting exchange as this will probably produce a bigger profit long term.

Negatives / Bad Points

I did find this system a tad boring to follow at times and it can seem as though you are taking 3 steps forward then 2 steps back but I guess all that matters long term is that we see a steady return on our investment. As its a form of dutching at heart, its much easier to use the software to calculate your stakes (Cherry Picker Assistant). I found trying to make the calculations myself a little difficult at times. Anyway, at the moment the software appears to be thrown in free of charge so this isn't really a negative.

Summary / Recommendation

The Cherry Picker System is a good product and ticks most of the right boxes. It isn't particularly cheap when compared to some other releases but then again as I have so often found to me expense, the cheap and cheerful products are often just a waste of money containing weak or fairly useless betting advice.

This product is well presented and the software is a recommended option. As its by the team responsible for the Football cash generator we know good support will also be available and should be around for years to come.

My Recommendation: Invest in the Cherry Picker today if you are looking for a long term profitable horse racing system that may return steady profits over time...

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Review By: Martin Bailey


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